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## To do
- Get software interrupts to work and replace `vblank()` while cycles
- Further reduce `update()` instruction cycles by removing `updateOam()` on each update - only change what is needed. Might cause breaking API changes.
- Replace `VECTOR` return values everywhere with `GBAVector`, refactor to `Vector2d`. Check for performance hits; copying value-objects in update loop is not a good idea.
- Rename `updateSpritesInScene` to `reRenderAll`
## To investigate
- Affine sprites [overwrite the flip flag](, should the flip functions do something or not?
- Would it be possible to dynamically update tiles for a sprite within the same scene? What about size differences?
- How does saving/loading data to and from RAM work? Can I serialize objects? For instance, binary header-only serialization with [Cereral](