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  • Write README
  • restic backup can take a long time: stream output to logging somehow to keep track of what it's doing. Stop using --json for backup, generates way too much JSON log info.
  • Make Restictray non-dependent on existing config in ~/.restic:
  • Add additional resilience:
    • What if SSH backup and network goes down? Do a ping before backup? Is there a timeout from the restic command itself?
    • If something goes wrong, menu shows error and app becomes unusable. Perhaps not all errors (e.g. above one) have to be this way.
    • Is backing up while mounted ok? => yes
    • restic backup can result in Warning: at least one source file could not be read\n: exit status 3. This returns an error, but the backup itself seems to be all right.
    • Verify backups with restic check? If not okay, remove (snapshot/folder?) and rebackup? What's the plan then?
  • Implement restic init, reducing the need for an existing backup
  • Cross-platform compatibility with Linux? Shouldn't be hard.