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@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ BIOS methods and Sin/Cos lookup tables are also compiled in Assembly, as `sin_lu
Design overview:
Colored blocks are to be implemented in your own game. See below, in section "implementing your game".
@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ The `sprites()` method gets periodically called to check whether something has b
A simple fade out scene effect is implemented in demo 1, that converges the palette colors of both palettes to white. It's easy to **create your own effects** by subclassing `SceneEffect`.
![sample fade out](https://github.com/wgroeneveld/gba-sprite-engine/blob/master/img/fade.gif?raw=true)
![sample fade out](https://git.brainbaking.com/wgroeneveld/gba-sprite-engine/raw/branch/master/img/fade.gif)
Sample fade effect, demo 1.
@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ Scrollable backgrounds are present:
Call `scroll()` in your scene update.
![scroll bg](https://github.com/wgroeneveld/gba-sprite-engine/blob/master/img/scroll.gif?raw=true)
![scroll bg](https://git.brainbaking.com/wgroeneveld/gba-sprite-engine/raw/branch/master/img/scroll.gif)
Sample scrolling background demo 1.
@ -133,13 +133,13 @@ Creating sprites is easy with the `SpriteBuilder`. Specify what kind of sprite y
**Affine sprites can transform** using for example `rotate(angle)` - check out demo 1 or 3 for that.
Sample rotation demo 3.
**Sprite animation is built-in**! Just feed your sprite data to the builder and use `.withAnimated(amountOfFrames, frameDelay)`. Remember to position each frame in one column in the image itself (vertically). Like this:
![lama gif example](https://github.com/wgroeneveld/gba-sprite-engine/blob/master/demos/demo1-basicfeatures/img/lama.png?raw=true)
![lama gif example](https://git.brainbaking.com/wgroeneveld/gba-sprite-engine/raw/branch/master/demos/demo1-basicfeatures/img/lama.png)
Useful sprite methods:
@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ Useful sprite methods:
* `collidesWith(otherSprite)` or `isOffScreen()`
* Various getters like `getWidth()` etc
![stay within bounds](https://github.com/wgroeneveld/gba-sprite-engine/blob/master/img/bounds.gif?raw=true)
![stay within bounds](https://git.brainbaking.com/wgroeneveld/gba-sprite-engine/raw/branch/master/img/bounds.gif)
The paddle auto-stays within bounds.
@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ Sound can to be converted from a RAW Signed 8-bit PCM using [raw2gba](https://gi
#### Text
![default font](https://github.com/wgroeneveld/gba-sprite-engine/blob/master/engine/src/background/text.png?raw=true)
![default font](https://git.brainbaking.com/wgroeneveld/gba-sprite-engine/raw/branch/master/engine/src/background/text.png)
There's a **default font embedded into the engine** using the `TextStream::instance()` static instance. It takes up background #4 and claims the last background palette bank so watch out with that!