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# Websocket-enabled HTML5 webcam
## What's this?
Nothing special, bits and pieces glued together:
* HTML5 enabled webcam using something like the video tag and a bit of JS magic (see clientcam.html)
* websocket enabled streaming of the data found on the client back to the pure NodeJS server (server.js).
* the NodeJS server then streams the raw bytes back to other browser clients. (cam/index.html)
That's it!
## Why would you do something like this?
This is an experiment to be able to use pure Javascript to stream data/images from my home laptop to "the internets". We had a puppy 6 months ago and I wanted to monitor his behaviour in his bench when not home: what's he doing? Is he sleeping? Is he okay?
By the way, I found out the dog does nothing but sleep during the day. BOOORING :) All these lines of code, for nothing!
## Where are your unit tests?
It was a spike, okay? (lol)
## Your woofie, Let me show you them!
![The little devil, at that time](
Yes, the cat decided to join the peeping fest, but got bored quickly. As our cat usually does. *YAWN*