extra test proc with brackets

wgroeneveld 4 years ago
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@ -153,3 +153,26 @@ Before calling `execute()`, you can preload input port values using `mockinput()
For instance, `.mockinput(0, 4)` will preload input port 0 with value 4. Psm statements like `input s0, 0` will load 4 into register s4.
opbtest acutally replaces the statement with `load s0, 4`, so no actual input statements will be processed.
### Debugging Tests
Somethings, a failing test does not clearly indicate the underlying problem. The Assembly source file is not the same source code as the code that is simulated to get to this result.
For example, when mocking, parts are replaced, and when registers are setup, extra loads are done. If you want to take a look at the Assembly file to be compiled and interpreted, add the following to your `setUp` testcase:
def setUp(self):
This will leave the generated Assembly files in the test directory after test execution:
1. tmp_[timestamp].psm4
2. tmp_[timestamp].gen.psm - PicoBlaze macro expanded instructionset
3. tmp_[timestamp].fmt, .log metafiles
4. tmp_[timestamp].mem - binary.
Run the assembler yourself:
1. compiling: `opbasm --6 -c file.psm4` (or `--3` for PicoBlaze 3)
2. simulating: `opbsim -v -m:file.mem --pb6` (or `--pb3` for PicoBlaze 3)
For more information about the commandline flags, see the [Open PicoBlaze Assembler documentation](http://kevinpt.github.io/opbasm/).

@ -19,6 +19,15 @@ func func1(s1 is val) : 1 {
load val, 52
proc func_with_brackets_in() {
if(s0 == 0) {
if(s1 == 0) {
load s2, 2
add s2, 1
load s2, 11
add s2, 1

@ -21,6 +21,10 @@ class TestFunctions(OpbTestCase):
except AssertionError:
def test_proc_with_brackets_in(self):
assert_that = self.load_file("functions.psm4").testproc("func_with_brackets_in").execute()
def test_proc_with_tab_statements_replaced_well(self):
assert_that = self.load_file("functions.psm4").testproc("proc3").replace("add bla, 1", "add bla, 2").execute()