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package db
import (
type MentionRepo interface {
// InModeration saves the mention data to the in moderation db to approve or reject later.
// Returns the key or a marshal/persist error.
InModeration(key mf.Mention, data *mf.IndiewebData) (string, error)
// Save saves the mention to the approved db.
// Returns the key or a marshal/persist error.
Save(key mf.Mention, data *mf.IndiewebData) (string, error)
// Delete removes a possibly present mention from the approved db by key.
// Ignores but logs possible errors.
Delete(key mf.Mention)
// Approve saves the mention to the approved database and deletes the one in moderation.
// If the key is invalid, it returns nil.
Approve(key string) *mf.IndiewebData
// Reject removes the in moderation key from the db and returns the deleted entry
// If the key is invalid, it returns nil.
Reject(key string) *mf.IndiewebData
// Get returns a single unmarshalled json value based on the approved mention key in the db.
// It returns the unmarshalled result or nil if something went wrong.
Get(key mf.Mention) *mf.IndiewebData
// GetAll returns a wrapped data result for all approved mentions for a particular domain.
GetAll(domain string) mf.IndiewebDataResult
// GetAll returns a wrapped data result for all to approve mentions for a particular domain.
GetAllToModerate(domain string) mf.IndiewebDataResult
// CleanupSpam removes potential denylisted spam from the approved database by checking the url of each entry.
CleanupSpam(domain string, denylist []string)
// SavePicture saves the picture byte data in the approved database and returns a key or error.
SavePicture(bytes string, domain string) (string, error)
// GetPicture returns a byte slice (or nil if unknown) from the approved database for a particular source domain.
GetPicture(domain string) []byte
// LastSentMention fetches the last known RSS link where mentions were sent from the approved db.
// Returns an empty string if an error occured.
LastSentMention(domain string) string
// UpdateLastSentMention updates the last sent mention link in the approved db. Logs but ignores errors.
UpdateLastSentMention(domain string, lastSent string)
type MentionRepoWrapper struct {
toApproveRepo *mentionRepoBunt
approvedRepo *mentionRepoBunt
// Save saves the data to the
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) Save(key mf.Mention, data *mf.IndiewebData) (string, error) {
return m.approvedRepo.Save(key, data)
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) InModeration(key mf.Mention, data *mf.IndiewebData) (string, error) {
return m.toApproveRepo.Save(key, data)
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) SavePicture(bytes string, domain string) (string, error) {
return m.approvedRepo.SavePicture(bytes, domain)
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) Delete(key mf.Mention) {
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) Approve(keyInModeration string) *mf.IndiewebData {
toApprove := m.toApproveRepo.getByKey(keyInModeration)
m.approvedRepo.saveByKey(keyInModeration, toApprove)
return toApprove
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) Reject(keyInModeration string) *mf.IndiewebData {
toReject := m.toApproveRepo.getByKey(keyInModeration)
return toReject
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) CleanupSpam(domain string, denylist []string) {
m.approvedRepo.CleanupSpam(domain, denylist)
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) LastSentMention(domain string) string {
return m.approvedRepo.LastSentMention(domain)
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) UpdateLastSentMention(domain string, lastSent string) {
m.approvedRepo.UpdateLastSentMention(domain, lastSent)
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) Get(key mf.Mention) *mf.IndiewebData {
return m.approvedRepo.Get(key)
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) GetPicture(domain string) []byte {
return m.approvedRepo.GetPicture(domain)
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) GetAll(domain string) mf.IndiewebDataResult {
return m.approvedRepo.GetAll(domain)
func (m MentionRepoWrapper) GetAllToModerate(domain string) mf.IndiewebDataResult {
return m.toApproveRepo.GetAll(domain)
// NewMentionRepo returns a wrapper to two different mentionRepoBunt instances
// Depending on the to approve or approved mention, it will be saved in another file.
func NewMentionRepo(c *common.Config) *MentionRepoWrapper {
return &MentionRepoWrapper{
toApproveRepo: newMentionRepoBunt("mentions_toapprove.db", c.AllowedWebmentionSources),
approvedRepo: newMentionRepoBunt("mentions.db", c.AllowedWebmentionSources),
// Purge removes all database files from disk.
// This is dangerous in production and should be used as a shorthand in tests!
func Purge() {