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<title>@celia @kev I have read both you and Kev&#39;s post on...</title>
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<p><span class="h-card"><a class="u-url mention" data-user="A5GVjIHI6MH82H6iLQ" href="https://fosstodon.org/@celia" rel="ugc">@<span>celia</span></a></span> <span class="h-card"><a class="u-url mention" data-user="A54b8g0RBaIgjzczMu" href="https://fosstodon.org/@kev" rel="ugc">@<span>kev</span></a></span> I have read both you and Kev&rsquo;s post on this and agree on some points indeed! But I&rsquo;m not yet ready to give up webmentions. As an academic, the idea of citing/mentioning each other is very alluring 🤓. Plus, I needed an excuse to fiddle some more with JS&hellip; <br><br>As much as I loved using Wordpress before, I can&rsquo;t imagine going back to writing stuff in there instead of in markdown. Gotta keep the workflow short, though. Hope it helps you focus on what matters - content!</p>
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